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Scripts, Secret Shopper and Training

A few years ago I had a prospective customer tell me that they did not need the services that Tooty provides because they had the best customer service he had ever witnessed. He added in that the customer service department was well-run, sales were up and their customer satisfaction scores were all above average. The conversation reminded me of a scene from the movie Elf where Will Ferrell burst into a coffee shop shouting congratulations because he saw a sign outside that stated, “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”. He took the sign at face value and thought the claim was true. The expression on the faces of both customers and employees revealed the truth. The only one who thought they served the world’s best cup of coffee was the coffee shop owner.
In today’s marketplace customers no longer accept company slogans and promises as truth and you should not assume that you and your team are as good as you can be. That is exactly why you need help from the team at Tooty Inc. While Tooty is most known for our secret shopper programs and innovative classroom and webinar training, we have a very precise process of evaluating actual customer experience and employee performance for those businesses and organizations that interact with new and existing customers primarily over the phone. We are a tested and trusted resource for executives who aren’t satisfied with past or present results and want specific ways in which to improve sales, retention and customer satisfaction which can’t be done with a slick new tool, but through improving employee skills, knowledge and performance.
1) Secret shopper calls provide an opportunity to learn what really happens when new customers call in inquiring about your product or service or an existing customer calls with a question or concern. Hold time, your automated message and transfers can impact what the customer perceives about your company long before someone answers. The questions asked and information given may be different from person to person sending mixed messages and confusion to your customers. You may believe you have a great sales process, but could discover that those who talk with your customers have created their own sales process that isn’t effective. Opportunities to provide solutions to your customers can be mishandled which can escalate to cancellations and other escalated issues. Every customer conversation is full of opportunity. Every employee deserves respectful and constructive feedback in order to increase knowledge and effectiveness while representing your organization. Call monitoring is also available if you have a phone system with this option.
2) On-site evaluation allows me to spend time with your customer service and sales representatives along with dispatchers as they talk to customers. This side-by-side time provides real detail on what happens from the moment a customer calls to the completion of the request. You may have great tools and processes that aren’t being used. For example, “I am going to send Joe an e-mail about this versus creating a work order that may get him in trouble.” I am able to provide critical input on how your team manages call volume, whether you have the right people on the phones and whether you have the right number of people to effectively handle both phone and e-mail requests from your customers. This on-site evaluation partnered with secret shopper calls and evaluations allows you to benchmark where your team currently is, clarify where you want them to be with skills and performance, and create a training plan to get there.
3) Scripting is best defined as a step by step process to handle customer conversations effectively. Scripts get a bad rap, but when used in a positive way they help insure that customers receive consistently amazing service. Scripts make new hire training easy and provide employee performance evaluations with clear scoring guidelines. We are experts at making great scripts for sales, dispatch, service issues, retention, collections and more.
4) Training should be ongoing with the intention of developing your customer service, sales and support staff into a better version of themselves year by year. We customize training based on your company or organization’s brand, your product or service and where you want the team to be in the future. Classroom and interactive webinars are available. Tooty training is fun and thought-provoking.

Our goal as a company is to uplift, encourage and help you and your team be better today than you were yesterday.


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